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「newSPA 」  結合美麗、健康與新生活態度的品牌

隨著現代人越來越重視自己與身體的關係,生活的各種面向逐漸被細心與細膩的對待。對於忙碌的現代人來說,能有一個時間空間與自己獨處,好好的傾聽身體帶來的訊息,安撫身體的疲累,是一種新的生活享受,也是一種新的生活態度。 愛自己,從身心靈的舒服慢活開始。
Along with the modern people pay more and more attention to their relationship with own body that the various face of life is gradually treat with careful and delicate. For the busy modern people that to have a space of time alone with oneself and to listen to the body message. Way to comfort the exhaustion of body is a kind of new enjoyment of life but also a new attitude towards life. Love yourself, start from slow living of your body and mind.

newSPA 是一個結合美麗、健康與新生活態度的品牌,以扶桑花為 icon。扶桑花,又名朱槿,外表熱情豪放,卻有一顆獨特的花心,結構相當細緻,其鮮豔花色與襯托的綠葉,美麗大方,深深吸引著眾人的目光。源自亞州,也稱中國玫瑰。其品種繁多,盛開於全球,各自美麗。扶桑花語:纖細美、體貼之美、永保清新之美。

The newSPA is a brand that combines beautiful, healthy and new living manner; take the Rose Mellow as icon. Rose Mellow, also known as hibiscus whose appearance of passionate but has a unique and delicate flower heart with its bright colors set off green leaves, beautiful and generous that deeply attracted to everyone's attention. The flower is originally come from Asia, also known as China rose. Its species is numerous and blooming in the world to respectively their beauty. Hibiscus phrase: delicate of beauty, thoughtfulness of beauty and beauty to forever preserve freshness.

​​​​​​​newSPA 整體品牌視覺設計除了CI設計之外也完整建立企業BI/VI,應用於事務性用品與品牌商品上,整體以大面積精細扶桑花icon為主軸,大方呈現品牌精神,天空藍/白雲/銀的品牌色系,清新且愜意。直式與橫式logo,不拘膩於形式,呼應newSPA企業與相關產業可相容並蓄的特殊形態。
newSPA overall brand vision design in addition to the CI design but also complete the establishment of enterprise BI/VI which applied to the transaction products and brand merchandise, integrated with a large area of fine hibiscus flowers as the main icon that to present the generous spirit of the brand, blue sky / white clouds  /  silver brand color to feel fresh and comfortable. Logo can be vertical or horizontal, does not arrest greasily in the form to echo the newSPA Company and related industries in the special form compatible.



The newSPA take the Rose Mellow flower’s spirit as its own that to provide warm and thoughtful service in the comfortable relaxation spatial environment to let you enjoy the health and beauty. Blooms enthusiasm for you, Taiwan-based enterprises and the landscape scans to bloom fragrance widely to the world where ever you are.