王德傳 | 春鳳得意新春禮盒
春天是一年之始,因此禮盒設計以鳳凰為概念,以「春鳳得意」為題,復刻清朝宮廷琺瑯彩瓷的彩繪技藝,手繪鳳凰展翅飛翔時優雅雍容的姿態,輔以細部燙金勾勒出鳳羽沐浴春陽中閃耀的金黃色澤。外盒使用水墨絹布盒印上手繪鳳凰翱翔之姿,輔以局部燙金如鳳羽迎光 ,展現不凡質感,以帶有光明、開運意涵的茶禮,祝福收禮者新的一年順勢而起,燦爛光明。




The design of Wang De Chuan Spring Festival gift box is based on the concept of "Proud Spring Phoenix". Qing Dynasty palace enamel porcelain painting were engraved with hand-painted image of a phoenix flying elegantly. Supplemented by fine bronzing outline of the phoenix bathing under spring sunshine. It is to wish for a bright and prosperous new coming year.

Spring Phoenix gift box symbolizes the meaning of light, with a warm sense of spring sunrise. With the phoenix printed on classiic ink silk cloth and some parts of bronzing, extraordinary quality was presented.



春天是一年之始,因此禮盒設計以鳳凰為概念,以「春鳳得意」為題,復刻清朝宮廷琺瑯彩瓷的彩繪技藝,手繪鳳凰展翅飛翔時優雅雍容的姿態,輔以細部燙金勾勒出鳳羽沐浴春陽中閃耀的金黃色澤。外盒使用水墨絹布盒印上手繪鳳凰翱翔之姿,輔以局部燙金如鳳羽迎光 ,展現不凡質感,以帶有光明、開運意涵的茶禮,祝福收禮者新的一年順勢而起,燦爛光明。

Ding You Phoenix tea, a pure taste like none others.

From the perfect seasons with the perfect combination of a bountiful year, thus present the perfect harvest.Phoenix, the mystical queens of birds; when it flies it creates a huge gust of wind. So as when the Phoenix spreads its wings and fly is a symbolic metaphor for luck and prosperity.

Spring as the start of the year, the gift box is designed based on the concept of phoenix and titled with “Proud Spring Phoenix”, reincarnating the painting art of ceramic porcelain from Chinese Chin dynasty, hand paint the elegant posture of phoenix’s flying, supported with the details of golden glow on the outline of the phoenix bathed in spring sunlight. The outer box is imprinted with the phoenix flying in ink silk, supported with partial hot foil die-stamping as if the feather of the phoenix facing the sunlight, showing extraordinary texture, sending wishes to the recipients a promising year, bright future with the tea gift of light and fortune meaning within.


The Chicken from the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs is based on the holy creature, Phoenix, which is considered the most notable mascot in ancient China, as known as The Solar Bird. Through thousands of year, Phoenix has been regarded as the symbol of beauty, good fortune, kind, tranquility., virtue, peace and light.